MontiiCo | Ice Packs 2.0
MontiiCo | Ice Packs 2.0
MontiiCo | Ice Packs 2.0
MontiiCo | Ice Packs 2.0

MontiiCo | Ice Packs 2.0

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Check out MontiiCo's new, upgraded ice packs!

We made a change to our Mini, Medium and Large Ice Packs after listening to your feedback!

Our new Ice Packs are made with a wipe-clean nylon outer material. The outstanding quality remains with the same gel contents inside, but these new ice packs have a stronger, condensation-free outer layer.

We made this change for increased durability and protection from sunlight and tearing, for inner gel stability. The ice packs remain independently certified “food safe” and still comes with our machine washable cover.

6 Hours of cooling for mini & medium sizes. 
up to 8 hours of cooling for large size. 


How do I use my ice pack?

Always place the included ice pack inside the black fabric ice pack cover before using it inside the lunch bag. The cover is designed to reduce the amount of condensation that forms inside the bag, and assist in keeping lunches dry and fresh.

Your ice pack should be frozen flat and nude (by removing the black ice pack cover). Should you notice water or ice on the outside of the cover, we recommend airing it out and only placing it inside the lunch bag once it’s 100% dry. Placing a wet or icy cover inside a lunch bag will increase condensation and may make your lunch or the lunch bag wet.

What are the new 2.0 ice packs made from?

Our new 2.0 ice packs are still the same on the inside, but now have a much stronger and durable nylon outer material.

Are these ice packs condensation free?

Yes they are - they have a condensation free outer layer. Remember to place the ice pack in its cover once you take it out of the freezer!  

Is the cooler gel still the same?

We haven’t changed our gel which still stays frozen for most of the day in your lunch bag!

Is the gel non toxic?

Yes - the gel is independently certified “food safe” and non-toxic. 

Are they the same size as the clear ice packs?

Yes they are - we haven’t changed the size or weight of the ice packs so they will perform just as well.

Does it still come with a cover?

Yes - all our ice packs come with a machine washable cover included to absorb any condensation.

How long is the warranty on the gel packs?

All our MontiiCo products have a 6 month warranty from date of purchase.

How long do these ice packs stay frozen for?

Depending on a few factors like where you live, how many times you open your lunch bag and for how long - our gel packs often come back still partially frozen after school!

How do I clean my gel pack?

A quick wipe with some soapy water will keep your ice pack clean. Ensure the ice pack is dry before putting it back in the freezer.