UNLAX Reed Diffuser
UNLAX Reed Diffuser

UNLAX Reed Diffuser

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Unlax Reed Diffusers include 200mls of premium diffuser base mixed with high quality handcrafted Australian made fragrance oils, and are the perfect flame free option to scent your space!

The unique scent will be absorbed by the natural reeds and will fragrance your room for over six months! Ensure that you flip the reed sticks over weekly for optimal scent throw. The diffusers are presented in clear glass with a rose gold, white or black cap and eight natural reed sticks.

Reed Diffuser Care

Unlax Candle Reed Diffusers have been designed to scent your space without the need for a flame from a candle or a wax burner. The natural reeds will release the fragrance throughout your space. For optimal scent ensure that you turn the reed sticks over once a week to release scent and avoid dust build up.

To use your reed diffuser simply place the reed sticks into the bottle and allow them to absorb the fragrance for approximately an hour, then flip the reeds over to fill the remaining section of the reeds with fragrance. Flip the reeds every time you notice the scent disappearing, at a minimum once a week.


Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Ensure your diffuser is in an area where it will not be knocked over and spilt.

If spilt, clean the area immediately as the liquid may cause damage to the surface.